Bell of Fortune Progressive

Bell of Fortune Progressive slots

Bell of Fortune Slots game is a 3-reel slot machine brought to you by the Play’n Go software crew members. Bell of Fortune is a classic bells & fruit slots game which currently remains just as popular today as it has always been in the past. The Bell symbol made its first apparition when Charles Fey invented the 3 reel slot machine in 1887 with some other card suits symbols and included the Golden Liberty bell symbol. 

All other slots machines that emanated from this invention is of no coincidence as  fruit symbols were gradually incorporated with other symbols in new production of slots machines. Bell of fortune slots game is a living example of the evolution of new and more sophisticated classic style slot machines be it land based or online gaming software. 

The whole graphic interface looks just as you would expect for this new generation classic slots game. The layout of the game is set on a dark blue background with purple stripes with a huge golden Bell portrayed in some sort of crown with the title Bell of fortune in enlarged capital letters in a refined pale golden colour with golden coins flying around it. The reels are immediately underneath with enough room on the right hand side of the reels to display the pay table and beneath the pay table information to point out that the Bell symbol is wild.  

The symbols in this classic slots game are the Golden Bells, Strawberries, oranges and Plums. Even though Bells of Fortune Slots is a classic game, it also comes with a wild; the Bell symbol that substitutes for any other symbols to form a winning combination on a pay line. In addition to contributing to a winning combination, the bell symbol is also the key to the big jackpot that’s displayed above the pay-table. With 3 such symbols lining up on the pay-line on 3 coins bet, the indicated amount will be all yours! 

Coin value is set at a fixed denomination of 0.25 for this game with the possibility of betting up to 3 coins with a total stake of 0.75. The progressive Jackpot can only be won when all three Bell symbols line up on the pay line and that too on a bet of 3 coins. However, you can still win up to 1,600 with 2 coins and 800 coins while playing with 1 coin.  Other symbols with high pay-outs are the strawberry and orange symbols that pays 600, 400 and 200 and 120, 80 and 40 on bets of 3, 2 and 1 coins respectively. 

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