Diamond Deal

Diamond Deal slots

One of UK’s online bingo site - Bingo Extra presents Diamond Deal! This highly entertaining game is the creation of MGS – Gamevy. The game is an instant win game, where the objective is to click on the grids to find the diamonds. The layout of the game is glitzy, with a staircase bathed with purple lights in the background. The game screen comprises of 5 rows and 10 columns.

Diamonds date back three billion years. These were collected and traded in India during the 4th century B.C. The precious stones could only be found in India, Brazil and South Africa, but now these are mined all over the world. The precious stone that makes many eyes sparkle was first given in an engagement ring way back in 1477.

Many myths revolve around diamonds. Ancient Greek and Rome people thought that diamonds were the tears of gods. Some even believed that diamonds were broken pieces from the stars. Diamond was the stone that could cure the disease as per the Middle Ages folks.

The main use of diamond is to cut and grind tools since it is the hardest substance on Earth. The largest diamond ever found is called the Cullinan diamond. This weighs a gigantic 1.33 pounds, which is 3,106 carats. The blue and red coloured diamonds are extremely rare.

The stakes that you can use on Diamond Deal are £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10. You can either select each square or make use of the ‘Quick Pick’ option. This will automatically pick 4 squares for you. You are hunting for 10 diamonds, which are hidden on the board of 50 squares. You win the jackpot if you find 10 diamonds in a row. Finding an empty box will make you lose a life and the prize amount will fall. Losing all 4 lives will end the game.

Each time a diamond is found, the current prizes will increase and you have the option to cash out or not. Each time a diamond is found, your lives are reset to 4. The game enables you to cash out at any time after you have found your first diamond.

The jackpot is displayed on top of the game screen. This is automatically calculated. A paytable is available to calculate the paytable.

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