Gemix slots

Slots games have largely evolved throughout the years; while some game providers have kept the classic touch, others have gone towards big innovations! One game provider that has brought many newness in its games designed is Play’n Go with Gemix Slots. A slot game that’s designed in a 7x7 display, the game has a combination of magic and bejewelled.

The game is very original whereby in the background, you will overlooking the magical world where resides the miner, lollipop princess and the wise wizard. The layout is truly amazing as you will find yourself in the mine where the little miner has already collected various precious stones that he has loaded. The set of symbols that you will find on this game consist of yellow star, red heart, pink crescent, orange flower, green pentagon, purple square, turquoise rectangle and blue rectangle. 

Betting options that you will get while taking a spin on Gemix Slots are £0.50, £0.70, £1, £1.50, £2, £5, £10, £20, £50 or £100. You won’t have the option to select paylines since the wins achieved on this game consist of 5 or more matching symbols as long as they are touching, horizontally and/or vertically.

When this takes place, winnings are removed while symbols fall down to fill the gaps. Auto-play is also found on this slot machine, in which you may select from 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 games to spin with the option to stop on any win. You may as well input an amount so that the feature stops if single win exceeds, if balance increases or decreases by that amount. 

A Crystal charge meter is found on this game whereby it will be increased whenever you get any wins. When fully charged, there will be no more cascades therefore activating one of the four effects; Chain Lightning, Light Beam, Crystal Warp or Nova Blast. During the Chain Lightning, 2, opposite to each other, corner symbols shoot out an electrical arc hitting symbols which are then transformed into one of the corner symbols. In the Light Beam feature, light rays shoot out vertically and horizontally from a symbol on the grid whereby all symbols in the affected column and row are transformed to other symbols.

A symbol is selected on the grid in the Crystal Warp feature whereby the selected symbol and all matching symbols are warped to other symbols. The Nova Blast feature will explode the selected symbol on the grid while adjacent symbols are removed from the game in this huge explosion which will then retract, creating a core of symbols of the same face. 

Super Charged is another feature that you will find on Gemix Slots whereby when the Crystal Charge meter is fully charged, it is possible to super charge the game by winning on additional symbols. If you achieve wins on enough symbols and fully super charge the crystal charge meter before there are no more cascades, you additional wins following the effect during that game round are multiplied by 3. 

You will get to set foot in the different worlds throughout the game feature included of the same name. Entry to the selected world will be given to you when you achieve wins on the given pattern on the game screen by clearing a pattern whereby you have to achieve wins on the indicated grid positions. You will be awarded the World Bonus if you have managed to clear three patterns in a world whereby you will reach the next world where you will be receive the World Bonus round which is increased with any win during a game round. 

What you will find in each world are unique wild symbols that may appear on non-winning game rounds. When appearing onto the screen, the wild symbol will substitute for all symbols in the game after which those are removed if part of a winning combination. 

In the Miner’s World, up to 10 wild symbols will drop down from the top to land on different positions in the grid therefore replacing regular symbols. In the Princess’ world, an edge symbol is picked to act as a starting point which is turned into a wild symbol that will then spread to adjacent symbols until it reaches one of the edge symbols of the grid. Finally in the Wizard’s world, up to 8 sticky wilds may appear in different positions on the grid.