Gift Shop Progressive

Gift Shop Progressive slots

The theme of this slot game is what you would mostly love to do, shopping for yourself or shopping for your loved one to buy some special memorable gifts. Some of the modern gift shops are colourful and well decorated in much of a pleasing atmosphere to make you feel well at ease.

In Gift Shop slots game, there is no exception to this rule, the graphical interface is dominated by the pink colour, which in a way is more of an attractive colour for women in general. All the colours of the symbols on the reels including the pay table on the right hand side of the reels complements the pink background with a few scattered stars. Whatever your goal at this point will make you have fun and be fully entertained while you shop around and you never know the Diamond rings may be just what you wanted all along. 

Gift Shop is a classic 3 reels, 1 pay line slots game. Coin value is set at a fixed denomination of £0.25 for this classy slots game with the likelihood that most will find that betting up to 3 coins with a total stake of 0.75 is more beneficial in the long run as this will wrap up a nice gift for you to take home. 

This gift might be one, two or three diamonds or on the other hand it might be the ultimate gift with 3 diamonds and the ever increasing progressive jackpot that can extend to bundles and bundles of bank notes so immense that the sheer weight will leave you perplexed for a moment. The only thing that will give you a hint of the mysterious wrapped gift would probably be if the sparkles are still visible on the outside of the wrappers, however, just slightly. 

The sound and music are a combination of much of what you would hear in some specialized gift shops or shopping mall and that of an intrigue suspense which will alert you when you hit a winning combination. The Auto play button will give you the possibility to select a number of spins from 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50 spins to run automatically and is customized to stop under a few criteria that you can designate yourself, for example to stop when you hit a win and a few others as well. The Auto play button will switch to the ‘Stop’ button when you start this feature, which will mean that you can stop this feature at any time you wish. 

The symbols that you find on Gift Shop Slots are a rose wrapped in golden ribbons, a teddy bear in a yellow T-shirt with a red heart, a red box in the shape of a heart full of delicious chocolates and a diamond ring in her case but generally typical gifts of what can be offered to a special lady on her birthday or on Valentine’s Day. 

The Diamond ring is the wild symbol and will substitute for any other symbols to determine winning combinations.  Hitting 3 of the wild symbols on a pay line with 3 coins will win you the progressive Jackpot. With 2 coins the pay-out will be 1,600 and with 1 coin the pay-out will be 800. 

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