Sea Hunter

Sea Hunter slots

Sea Hunter slots is a 3 reels and 5 paylines game powered by Play N’ Go! The slot game is themed on the undersea, so be prepared to gain potential wins you’ve never seen before while different sea creatures come together to form winning combinations. The background of the game shows the dark blue sea, but don’t worry, the symbols on the reels will surely light things up for you! Start playing this innovative slot game at Bingo Extra- the best bingo site from your mobile, tablet or desktop.

The various symbols you will see landing on the reels are Whales, Octopus, Sea turtles, Sea urchins, Jelly Fish, Clown Fish, Manta Ray and other fishes. The wild symbol in the game is the golden ball and it replaces other symbols on the slot grid to help you form easier winning combinations. To start spinning the reels, set your stake by toggling the Bet Field. You’ll then have the option to choose bets between £0.05 to £100.00. Click on the minus sign to reduce your bet and click on the plus sign to increase your bet. This high variant slot game allows you to win up to 125x your bet.

On this slot game, you can activate the cannons on display for higher wins. The cannon meter displayed is triggered when the meter fills up to a required level. On activating the cannons, you will receive a cannon power up for the next spin. However, when there are no wins on a spin and the meter is reset. Different levels awarded when the cannons are triggered are:

Growth Run: Growth Run requires two consecutive spins. On the next spin in line, the cannons will shoot at a random symbol on the slot grid. All matching symbols are then upgraded to the next symbol in the paytable, then your wins are calculated. The Wild symbol however cannot be chosen or upgraded.

Sticky Shot: To launch the Sticky Shot, this requires four consecutive wins. The cannons will then shoot at a random symbol on the slot grid, including the Wild Symbol. Whichever symbols are targeted will remain sticky on the reels and one free spin will be awarded. The meter will not reset on a losing spin, but will increase by one if the respin result is a win.

Wild Warhead: To reach this level, you need to have five consecutive spins. On the next spin, one, two or three wild symbols will be placed on your slot grid, increasing your winning potential.

Multiply Mortar: The Multiply Mortar requires six consecutive spins to be launched. You will then be awarded with one free win spin, where a win is guaranteed. The cannons will then shoot on the slot grid to multiply your wins by a random amount of up to 15x.

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