Spin 4 Cash

Spin 4 Cash slots

An original game, Spin 4 Cash isn’t a slot game nor a regular casino game but a combination of both bingo and wheel of fortune that has been created by DaGaCube, the game providers that has for aim to design exclusive games. This exciting game can be found at Bingo Extra, the bingo site where you can find the online bingo games.

The betting options available on Spin 4 Cash start with 0.05 and go up to £10 where you may as well choose to play £20 per spin. Spin 4 Cash is divided into various segments bearing numbers 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40 along with bonus segments, as well as the table which also features the above numbers in addition to two spots for progressive jackpot bets. To begin your play, you just have to place your preferred coins on the numbers that you wish to on the wheel and then wait for the wheel to spin. The prize that you may win for every spin comes up to £4,000!

If you take a peek at the pay-table, you will notice the Numbers and Odds tab, in which is stated that the numbers are the odds themselves therefore if you place a bet of £1 and the wheel lands on no. 1, you win £1 + your £1 original bet, landing on no. 2 will bring you £2 win plus £1 original bet, on number 5 you will win £5 along with your £1 original bet, no. 10 increases the pay-out where you get £10 plus your £1 original bet, stopping on number 20 will bring you £20 along with your £1 original bet and finally on number 40 you get £40 win plus the £1 original bet.

In the event that the wheel stop on a colour, there is no result and the wheel will re-spin. Each colour; red, blue and green comes with multiplier values of 2x, 3x and 5x which will be applied to the number that follows the colour. As such, when placing a bet of £1 and the wheel lands on Red then number, you will win £1 times multiplier 2 times number plus original bet of £1, stopping on blue then number, you win £1 times multiplier 3 times number plus original bet and landing on green then a number will award £1 times 5 times number plus £1 which is the original bet. A colour followed by another colour will result in no pays!

If you think that Spin 4 Cash has nothing more to offer then you will surprised to see the Progressive Jackpot that has been included; namely Mini and Maxi. So how do you win the jackpots? Stopping on the green segment two consecutive times will trigger the progressive jackpot given that you have bet on Mini or Maxi Progressive. If you haven’t placed any bets on Mini or Mini then you do not win anything. The Mini Jackpot bet is 0.10 and Maxi is £1 both bets per spin.

Given that Spin 4 Cash is an exclusive game of DaGaCube, the game cannot be found at many destinations. 

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