Progressive Jackpot Slots on BingoExtra.com

Progressive Jackpot slots are slots games where apart from the normal payouts, you can trigger a jackpot with a massive payout. Jackpots can be either a fixed jackpot where you win a specific amount, or a progressive jackpot where the jackpot amount keeps on increasing each time the game is played until it is won. Jackpots can be triggered when you hit a particular winning combination with a certain symbol or it can also be triggered randomly.

There are even progressive jackpots which can be won on slot games with spins having no game wins. Some games have multiple progressive jackpots where once you enter the jackpot game you are guaranteed to walk away with 1 of the jackpot based on the outcome of the jackpot game.

Some of the Jackpot Slots that you will discover at Bingo Extra are Grease, Lady Luck Deluxe, The Lost Slot of Riches and Groovy Revolution.