BLACKJACK Perfect Pairs® / 21+3®

BLACKJACK Perfect Pairs® / 21+3® tablecard

Discover a thrilling 2 in 1 game version of Blackjack at one of UK’s leading bingo site – Bingo Extra with Perfect Pairs® and 21+3® Blackjack. This game has been developed by Realistic Games and it allows you to play the standard game of Blackjack with the option to play two of the most popular side bets in land based or online casinos known as Perfect Pairs® and 21+3®. Perfect Pairs can be won having a pair on your first 2 cards, while you get a win on 21+3 when your first 2 cards and the dealers face up card forms a 3 card mini poker hand.

Choose your preferred chip value by clicking any of the chips located at the bottom of the screen, and go on to place your bets by clicking on any of the bet boxes. You can add a chip with the same value on your current bet by clicking again on the same bet box. You are required to place a bet on Blackjack before you can have the option to place any side bets. Double the value of all bets on the bet boxes by pressing on the Double button, and remove one chip at a time on the bet boxes by clicking on the Undo button. All bets can also be removed by pressing on the Clear All button.

A new game play is started by pressing on the Deal button after all bets have been placed. Once the deal button is pressed, you will be dealt 2 face up cards while the dealer will also be dealt 2 cards, with only one of them being face up. Pays are then immediately evaluated for Perfect Pairs ® and 21+3 ® side bets, if any. Perfect Pairs® pay 5/1 for a mixed suit pair, 10/1 for same colour pair, and 30/1 for matching cards (perfect pair). 21+3 Bet pays 5/1 for a Flush, 10/1 for a Straight, 30/1 for a Three of a Kind, 40/1 for a Straight Flush, and a massive 100/1 for a Suited 3 of a Kind.

After the side bets have been evaluated and any eventual side bet wins paid, you can continue to play the classic game of Blackjack, where your aim is to have a hand value of 21 or a hand value of less than 21 but higher than the dealer’s hand. For the normal gameplay of Blackjack, you will find familiar buttons such as Stand, Hit, Split, Double, Even Money, Insurance, Deal, and Repeat/Deal that will help you make the right decision during your gameplay. Insurance is offered when the dealer’s face up card is an ace. The dealer will directly check for Blackjack on his face down card if his face up card is a 10 or Ace. Here you can earn a hand win of 1:1 or a payout of 3:2 when you get a Blackjack.

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