Bugs Party

Bugs Party tablecard

Meet the band of rockin’ insects here on Bingoextra.com with Bugs Party arcade game. These little crawlers will send a total of 625x your initial bet down your way during the bonus game so have your maracas ready. No sombrero? Don’t worry, you won’t need one to do the rumba dance near the lake, where the little ones are. The background of the game is impressive, with greenery scenery. Ever seen insects play instruments? These very skilled critters will send dulcet tunes that will only make you want to dance.

Ready to meet the crew? Pick the stake you prefer from 0.01 to 10.00. Party along with the friendly insects without any interruption by making use of Auto-Play. This feature enables you to select 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 games to spin automatically. More options that you have is to preselect whether you’d like the feature to stop if your balance decreases or increases by your chosen amount or if single win goes above your desired amount. Top amount you can choose is £10,000.

Let the party begin, and click on ‘Play’ for the game to start. If you have any lucky number, click on ‘New Cards’ to look for the numbers you like. You can play up to 4 cards during a game or if you prefer you can go for lower. Once the game begins, 30 bingo balls will be taken out of the dispenser and your winning patterns will be automatically daubed on the cards. To check the winning patterns, simply check the top of the cards.

Nearly there but no balls left to be drawn? Make use of the Extra Ball option to draw up to 10 extra balls. The price of the ball will depend on the likely win. There are two ways to do so, click on the middle game area or click on ‘Extra Ball’ in the menu. Hit the ‘Collect’ button to take your wins and continue to the next round.

This game offers a Bonus Game, which is triggered by the Square pattern. Once launched, the bingo tickets will leave the game screen to make place for colourful jars and the band of insects. Your aim is to pick and choose the colourful jam of jar to seize a win. Multipliers are awarded in some of the jars, increasing your wins on the next jar you select. Two party spoilers can appear on the game screen during your play, these are the angry pest and the hungry frog. When they show up, the bonus game ends.

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