Colour Cubes

Colour Cubes tablecard

Colour Cubes Instant Win Game is the latest brilliant creation of IGT where multiple prizes can be won. This unique Match 3 type game will most probably delight novice players with its numerous colourful win chances. Plus, seasoned gamers will most certainly find the game to have a gripping pace and will make them enjoy the anticipation of grabbing instant wins. Now you can play Colour Cubes Instant Win Game at UK’s best online bingo site – Bingo Extra.

On the right-hand side of the screen, you will find a grid in a 7x7 format, consisting of colourful cubes of all shades. Your aim on the game is to match and collect cubes with the same colour. The matching cubes will help complete the different rows found in the prize table that is located on the right-hand side of the screen to win prizes. As this is not a slot game, you won’t find any reels or paylines on this game. Aim for the highest value matching cube combinations. Symbols appearing on the grid are the Star, Bomb, and Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange and Pink Cubes.

Pick your desired stake value on the Ticket Cost field. You will have the option to pick from different coin sizes ranging from £1, £2, £3, £5, and £10. Once you have placed your preferred stake value, a new game will begin. On each new game, you will receive not less than nine turns. You can either play the game manually using the Go tab or press on the Auto-Reveal button for the automated gameplay.

You can automatically earn a payout of £2 when a Star cube is collected on the grid, and this prize is instantly credited to your account. In the scenario of a Bomb cube being collected, all symbols surrounding the Bomb cube are also collected. The Bomb cube highly increases your chance of winning by helping you collect more cubes. The payout awarded depend entirely on your stake value, and the more you stake, the more you can earn as prize.

Click on the GO button for two lines to move across the 7x7 grid and stop randomly on any winning combinations consisting of three or more matching cubes. When a matching combo is formed, the cubes are automatically removed from the 7x7 grid and they are transferred on the prize table, where you can keep count as to how many more cubes of a specific colour you need to collect in order to earn a prize. You can earn a payout by collecting 6 Red, 7 Orange, 8 Yellow, 9 Green, 10 Blue, or 11 Pink symbols respectively.

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