Gears of Fortune

Gears of Fortune tablecard

Provided by Gamevy, Gears of Fortune is completely different from your regular slot game. Proved to be fun- filled and entertaining, this game is a complete mixture of general knowledge quizzes and slots. The approach of this slot game is a unique one and brings together a gear to spin along with jackpots, cash cogs and winning symbols. On starting your gameplay, the soundtrack of the game will set your mood to play this slot at the best online bingo site- Bingo Extra.

The background of the game is completely dark, but is revived by the massive gear on the right-hand side of the screen. On the left-hand side of the screen you have two sections: Jackpot Gears and Cash Cogs. Below the gear you’ll find a section called “Hazards.” To initiate the game, you will first need to place your bet; you can set your bet as from £1 to £50. The higher your stake, the higher your winning potential gets. As you click on the plus or minus signs to adjust your bet, the possible outcome of how much you can win is displayed.

After placing your bet, click on the “Start” button to start spinning your gear. The wheel consists of various symbols which fall under the Jackpot Gears, Cash Cogs or Hazards section. All respective symbols are found under their sections. The different levels you can unlock under the jackpot gears are: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. While the gear is spinning, your aim is to hope for it to stop on the Cash Cogs or Jackpot Gear symbols. Stopping on the Hazard symbols will cause the game to stop.

On placing a bet, the gear will spin thrice and whichever symbols it stops on will light up in their respective panels.  After three spins, you will be asked a quiz question. The question comes with two possible answers which you have to answer within 20 seconds.

Your aim on this game is to unlock an array of combinations sets. The advantage here is that whenever you lose a game, you don’t lose your progress if you keep playing. Keep spinning the gear and stand the chance to win £1,000 with the minimum stake of £1! If you want to win bigger, increase your bet! 

Gears are otherwise known as toothed machines. They are used to generate more speed in a machine or to transmit power from one part to the other. Not all gears are circular in shape, a few of them come in shapes of squares or cones!

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