GHOSTBUSTERS Spectral Search

GHOSTBUSTERS Spectral Search tablecard

The ghosts are wandering at UK’s top bingo site- Bingo Extra. Using some high-tech gadgets, you can catch them and grab some winnings on Ghostbusters Spectral Search Instant Win Game. This particular game is different from any other type of game, and has been created by the best game provider, IGT. No consisting of any reels or paylines, you will instead find some spooky locations and haunting symbols on this game. While you play this game, you will feel like in a haunted manor or horror movie through the spooky background sound which can be heard.

Before starting this game, you have to select your preferred stake on the Ticket Cost Tab. The bet options you get to choose from are: £1.00, £2.00, £3.00, £5.00 or £10.00. You can click on the ‘Plus’ or ‘Minus’ Tabs to toggle your stake.

Once the stake has been place, you will have to choose between one out of six well-designed locations. The different locations are Restaurant (Location 1), Corridor (Location 2), Alley (Location 3), Library (Location 4), Train Station (Location 5) and Roof (Location 6). You have to click on the arrows on the search machine to choose the locations, and also, you will see which types of ghosts are most common in that specific location. On the same display, you will see a paper board which shows how many symbols you have to find, and what they award. The different winning combinations are 4 white ghosts, 4 red devils, 3 purple monsters, 3 pink man, 3 red ghosts, 3 yellow ghosts and 1 blue ghost for 15000x, 250x, 100x, 30x,15x, 5x and 1x your total bet.

After having selected the first location, the display will be changed to that location. You will see the location through a ghost detector which will display 9 red panes. You have to click on five of these, so that symbols are revealed. The symbols discovered will be then shown on the paper board, and you will have to select another location. The same step will be repeated once again. If by the end of the game, any of the combinations are complete, you win the displayed amount. Instead of clicking on the panes one by one, you can as well use the Auto-Reveal option. This option lets you enjoy the spookiness while the game is played automatedly.

Another symbol you will see on the game is a green ghost. This ghost awards an instant win of £1 if seen on any of the panes; no combinations are needed.

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