Lil’ Lady Bingo

Lil’ Lady Bingo tablecard

At UK’s top bingo site- Bingo Extra, you can play a unique type of bingo game on Lil’ Lady Bingo Instant Win Game. Developed by IGT, this instant win game is themed on bingo. This game tells the tale of two ladybugs who are lovers and bingo-lovers! You will see them on the display of the game. They are near the draw-ball, which is set on top of the bingo board. Plus, you will see your bingo card on the right hand-side of the display. A funky 80’s music is played while this game is on. Play this well-designed and different type on either a mobile phone, a tablet or a laptop any time!

On this exclusive game, the stakes you can choose from on the Price Field are: £1.00, £2.00, £3.00, £5.00 or £10.00. You have to open the drop down and enable your stake. Once the bet has been placed, you will have 35 balls to draw.

You have the option to either ‘Draw One’ or ‘Draw All’. If you click on ‘Draw One’, you will have to draw all the balls one by one, and if you click on ‘Draw All’, all the 35 balls will be drawn at once. This game also gives you the option to either mark the balls automatically or to apply the automatic dauber.

On the bingo card, there are 5 lines and 5 rows; thus, it is a 25-squares card. Out of the 25 squares, 3 have the word ‘Free’ written on them, and therefore act like jokers. If time a number is called, it is either marked automatedly on the card or you have to daub it, depending on the selection option.

You can win different prize amounts on this game. If one line is marked, then you are given 1x your stake. When you mark the four corners of the card, you are awarded 2x your total bet. If the card is daubed in an ‘X’ pattern, then you win 10x your bet. For a card marked in the ‘Z’ pattern, you are given 25x your total stake. The big prize of 1,500x your stake is awarded when the card has been fully daubed.

If any of the above patterns have been made, the winnings are added to the Balance Tab. But if no patterns have been created, you can try your luck again by clicking on the ‘Play Again’ Field.

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