Lucky Falls

Lucky Falls tablecard

Explore a new combo of simplicity and entertainment through this brand-new game by IGT. Named Lucky Falls, this tantalising slot is now live at Bingo Extra, UK’s favourite bingo site. Based on the concept of wishing wells, this game provided an innovative approach by offering wishing waterfalls! Obviously, you won’t be making wishes while dropping your coins on Lucky Falls, however the game a similar concept. Drop coins and acquire wins.

Lucky Falls features a beautiful waterfall crashing onto rocks and buckets. The buckets contain certain number of prizes and a special pot filled with gold and riches shines amongst them. The cliff is green and give a natural touch to the game. You will be able to find details of the number of coins remaining and the value of each bucket on the wooden board on the right side of the waterfall.

To begin your winning spree on Lucky Falls, you will have to choose seven coins. The coins are to amount from a minimum of £0.50 up to a maximum of £10. By navigating on the option icon displayed as ‘I’ you can adjust the values of the coins. Once you have selected the seven coins with your desired value, the real fun begins.

You will have to drop your coins down the waterfall on Lucky Falls. The coins will toss around when hitting the small rocks until they reach the buckets at the foot of the waterfall. The aim of the game is to successfully get 3 coins in the same bucket and as such, you shall be rewarded the prize of the bucket.

Notice the sparking silver pot with gems and gold coins? This is the pot of riches. Dropping three coins in this lucky pot will bring you behind the waterfall, into the vault of wonders and riches. There, you will be exposed the magic of the waterfall. This instance, known as the Instant Win Bonus Round can award you big wins at once. Just stop the shuffle on any of the three gems displayed, you will obtain the prize mentioned instantly!

You can use the Reveal All button to have the coins drop one by one. This feature is useful if you do not like to constantly click on the top of the waterfall to drop the coins. This tool can be cancelled at any time by clicking the Stop button, on Lucky Falls.

This relaxing and laidback gameplay ensures pure entertainment since there is no hassle of understanding any symbol or pay table. With the outstanding graphics and amazing music, you will be spell bounded to this new game.

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