MEDIEVAL MONEY Dragon’s Loot tablecard

The dragon has taken over the Cash-A-Lot castle at the top online bingo site- Bingo Extra! But you can save the castle’s riches by stealing them on Medieval Money Dragon’s Loot Instant Win Game. This game is different from any other games you have ever played as it awards instant winnings, and does not come with any paylines or reels. This distinctive type of casino game has been created by the best game provider. The backdrop of this game is a green land featuring tall grass mountains. In the middle of the backdrop, you will see a soldier handling a catapult and some boulders. When you play this game, a royal music can be heard.

This game consists of a Bet Tab, and the different bet amounts you can select from are £1.00, £2.00, £3.00, £5.00 and £10.00. You need to click on the Bet Tab, and click on your preferred stake. You will see different symbols on this game and these: Red Gem, Green Gem, Blue Gem, Purple Gem, Diamond and Orange Gem.

After having placed your stake on this game, you are awarded seven shots. You have to click on the ‘Fire’ Tab, to shot the castle. When the boulders land on the castle, parts of the castle will be demolished to reveal up to a maximum of 3 symbols. On the display of the game, you will see a wood plank which shows all the symbols. You have to win different numbers of the same symbols, as per this table, to be able to grab some winnings. You have to collect either 6 Red Gems, 5 Green Gems, 5 Blue Gems, 5 Yellow Gems, 4 Diamonds or 4 Orange Gems, so that winnings are added to your account. The prize amounts vary as you change your bet; so, the higher the better!

For the highest bet of £10.00, the different amounts you can win are:

  • 6 Red Gems- £300,000
  • 5 Green Gems- £10,000
  • 5 Blue Gems- £1000
  • 5 Yellow Gems- £150
  • 4 Diamonds- £50
  • 4 Orange Gems- £10

This game also consists of a feature called the Dragon’s Loot Bonus Round. This bonus round is awarded when a boulder hits the part of the castle which is hiding the dragon. As soon as the sleeping dragon is revealed, you are taken to his chamber which is full of golden coins, gems and three sacks. You have to select one of the sacks, which will then reveal symbols. These symbols will then add up to the ones you already have. If it completes a combination, the winnings will be added to your account.

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