Monkey Drop

Monkey Drop tablecard

Created by IGT, Instant Win Games, are a new game type which can be enjoyed. One such game, Monkey Drop Instant Win game, has been added at the best bingo site- Bingo Extra. Unlike any other games, this one does not come with any paylines or reels, and is instead played using skills. The backdrop of this game shows tall towers, built using Chinese architectural designs. Just in front of these, you will see a wood plank, on which the game is played. The plank is adorned with tiny gold balls, which quickly attracts the eye. Be the cheeky monkey on this game, and go banana with massive wins!

Monkeys are known as wild animals, but there are specific species of monkeys which can be kept as pets. These species are Tamarins, Squirrels, Spider Monkeys, Macaques, Marmosets, Guenons and Capuchins. While these species understand human behaviour, other species cannot be trained and act like wild creatures.

The betting options available on this instant win game are £10.00, £5.00, £3.00, £2.00 and £1.00. To be able to start the game, you first have to choose your stake on the Ticket Cost Tab. Any stake that you place offers you 7 drops, which means 7 chances of winning.

When the game is activated, you will see a cheeky monkey sliding over the grid, while holding a green ball with his feet. The bottom of the grid is made of different coloured tiles, and each of them can bring you winnings. Your aim in this game is to drop the balls onto the highest paying tile. As the monkey is sliding, you just need to click on the ‘Drop’ tab. The green balls, one by one, will find their way to any of the tiles, after colliding with the golden balls. The six tiles you will see are painted in Yellow, Green, Blue, Red and Pink. There is also a middle tile, and if the ball falls into it, you instantly launch the bonus round. You can win different prize amount on this game, but it all depends on your stake. For the top stake of £10.00, the best win is of 150,000 coins.

On the display of the game, there is a table which shows the winning potentials. Each of the coloured tiles are seen on that table, and there is a banana logo cut in three just next to it. One part of the banana lights up when one ball falls into that coloured tile. So, if you manage to get three balls into the same coloured tile, the corresponding amount is yours.

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