Newlette Battle

Newlette Battle tablecard

It’s time to play on the exciting Newlette Battle game at Bingo Extra, where you can also play bingo online. On this game of skill and luck, you can compete against 1 to 4 opponents, and a minimum of 2 players is required for a game to play. On each game, you will find two battle rounds, where you can either choose to bet or to stay. By placing a bet on Newlette Battle, your share of the wheel will increase according to your bet size. This means that the more you bet on a game, the more the size of your share on the Newlette wheel will grow. Your aim on this game is to spin the Newlette wheel and have a ball land on your share of the wheel to win the pot.

Here you can choose out of ten rooms and they are named Kests Best, The A Team, Oliver’s Twist, Falling in Love, Bad Bobs Big Adventure, Friday’s fun room, Greedy Grabbers, Total Insanity, 7th Heaven and Melnick’s mayhem. Just choose a room from the list and click on Join table to play in that particular room.

The minimum bet on Kests Best is 20 and it goes up to a maximum on 50. In The A Team you can stake between 20 to 100, while in Oliver’s Twist stake values ranges from 25 to 100. Bet between 20 to 100 in Falling in Love and stake from 50 to 100 in Bad Bobs Big Adventure. You can bet 100 to 200 in Friday’s fun room and Greedy Grabbers, while you will have the possibility to stake between 100 and 1,000 on Total Insanity and 7th Heaven. Finally, in Melnick’s Heaven, bet value range from 500 to 1,000.

Once you enter a room you can pick a spot to sit down, and this will automatically select the minimum bet available in that particular room. Then the round of betting starts. To know which share of the wheel is yours, you simply have to check the colour of your player icon, as your share on the wheel will be of the same colour. By pressing on stay you won’t be able to bet further until the present game ends. Stay simply means that you don’t want to bet anymore on the actual game. Once you have pressed Stay, your opponent will still get the opportunity to continue betting and playing for the rounds.

On each round of the game one player will be designated as the spinner who will choose how slow or fast to spin the ball. If the spinner does not select the speed, the ball will automatically spin. You will know who is the spinner, when you see a spinner tag under their seat. Bonus can randomly appear when offers from Bingo Extra are available and this will not affect your gameplay.

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