Newlette Classic

Newlette Classic tablecard

How about battling against the house on Newlette Classic? This great ground-breaking game of luck will provide you the opportunity to place a bet and own a section of a wheel. Then you can battle against one to four computer opponents.  This game has been designed by Newlette and it can be played at Bingo Extra, where you also grab the best bingo bonus. All the bets placed on Newlette Classic goes into a unique pot, where the winner takes it all.

At the start of the game, you will get to choose which room you want to play. You can either choose the Beginner’s Room where the minimum bet is £1, the Player’s Lounge where you can place a minimum stake of £10, or you can enter the High Roller Suite where you can place a minimum bet of £100. Plus, you can also choose your avatar by pressing on the ‘I’ icon on the top left hand side corner of the screen when you are in a room.

Bet amount in the Beginner’s Room range from £1 to £10, while you can stake between £10 and £100 in the Player’s Lounge. And in the High Roller Suite, you can place bets of £100 to £1,000. Use the slider on the right hand side of the screen to select your bet amount. There is also an Auto Spin option where you can opt for 5, 10, 25, 50, or 100 interruption-free spins. Here you can also set the single win limit and the maximum loss allowed.

Each of the rooms have a wheel set behind closed doors. When accessing a room, you won’t be seeing the number of opponents that you will be facing nor you will discover their bet size until you place your bets and start playing. This is certainly the exciting part of Newlette Classic. You can buy a slice of the hidden Newlette wheel by betting. The more you bet, the bigger slice of the wheel you own, and this will also increase your chances of winning as well. The opponent bet is 60% of the max bet value in the room. Once all the betting is done, you can press on the Bet button for a new game to play.

After clicking on Bet, the doors will open and the Newlette wheel will spin and a ball will finally stop in one of the coloured segment of the wheel. And if the ball stops in your segment represented by your given colour, you then win the entire pot. There is even a bonus feature on Newlette Classic, and it is activated when you win five consecutive spins. The bonus game is made up of a free spin of the exciting Newlette wheel, and this will determine your prize value. After each win in a row, you are awarded a gold star and you will see it being collected on the top right hand side of the screen. These stars will help you keep track of how many extra stars you need to activate the Bonus feature.

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