RAINBOW RICHES Leapin' Leprechauns

RAINBOW RICHES Leapin' Leprechauns tablecard

Bounce around with the super cool release of Scientific Games called Rainbow Riches Leapin’ Leprechauns at UK’s best online bingo site – Bingo Extra. This absolutely stunning game doesn’t offer any paylines… in fact it’s not a slot machine but more of an arcade-style game. The layout of the game is truly amazing, where you will find the valiant Leprechaun on a hilltop ledge. Beyond that, you will find a glorious summer valley and five platforms of green earth floating.

Your objective in this game is very simple. You only require leaping through all 5 to catch a cash prize. Ready to jump?

Pick the bet of your choice to begin with, out of £0.10, £0.20, £0.30, £0.40, £0.50, £0.60, £0.70, £0.80, £0.90, £1.00, £1.50 or £2.00. You can then hit the ‘Start’ button for the brave Leprechaun to jump. Rest assured that he’s not scared of heights, nor of falling down! You get 5 jumps on each game you play. This game enables you to jump by clicking on the ‘Jump’ button or you can choose for it to play automatically on Auto-Play. This will let you sit back and enjoy the game fully.

Keep your eyes peeled as there might be something waiting on each step taken by the Leprechaun. This can be power-ups, a prize, an obstacle or an empty platform.

Once all 5 steps are finished, the game is completed. In the event that you come across an obstacle within 5 steps, the game ends unless you have a power-up. The game gives you the option to continue once all 5 steps are over or you can collect to exit the game.

You are perhaps wondering what the power-ups are! This isn’t found in any other regular slot machine. Here on this game, the power-ups will help you to continue jumping, it’s counted as an extra life! So you have different power-ups – Heart, Magic Hat, Horseshoe and Balloon.

A different number of jumps are given for each power-up. The Heart, for instance, gives you 2 jumps, while the Horseshoe brings 3 jumps. The Magic Hat will show you a trick if you don’t have any power-ups left. This will help you out for 1 obstacle! Have you ever seen a Leprechaun fly? Land on a Balloon and you shall see him fly past all platforms to get to a prize. This is awarded at random and is pre-multiplied with 5x, 3x or 2x.

The power-ups that you have collected on the way can only be used if you choose to continue the game. In case you opt to collect, the power-ups won’t be available. For every 5 successful jumps, you get 0.5x the total stake.

Be vigilant as there are obstacles to the platforms. These are a black cat, #13, cracked platform and cracked mirror. All the objects that are considered to bring bad luck!

The good luck symbols that will bring you 0.5x to 100x the total stake are rainbow, coins, 4 leaf clover and pot of gold.

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