Roulette Core Gaming

Roulette Core Gaming tablecard

Catch the immersive experience of playing Roulette at one of UK’s bingo site – Bingo Extra, by playing the highly entertaining Roulette game by Core Gaming. With its intuitive interface and modern look, this game has everything to improve your gaming experience. This game will definitely suit all players, as its outcome entirely depends on luck, where no particular skills are needed. This version of Roulette also has a behaviour tracking feature, thanks to the usage of Omniture.

Click or tap on your preferred chip on the Chip selector to select your favourite chip value which ranges from 0.01, 0.05, 0.20, 1, 5, 20, 100, to 500, and these can be viewed by pressing on the Next or Back buttons of the Chip Selector. A chosen chip is indicated with a white highlight around it.

Place your stake by clicking or tapping on the areas within the roulette betting table or by clicking and dragging the Chip from the Bet selector to a betting area. Additional click on a particular area will increase your bet value by 1 unit of the chosen chip value on a particular bet area. Dragging a chip from a betting area to the edge of the betting table will remove that chip value from the area.

Watch all your current placed bets on the betting table by clicking on the Bet Details button, and get the racetrack mode view by clicking on the Racetrack button. After a bet is placed, you will be able to use buttons such as Clear, Undo and Spin. Remove all bets by clicking on the Clear button, and remove 1 bet at a time, starting by the last bet placed, by pressing on the Undo button.  A repeat button becomes active at the end of each game, and clicking on this button will place the same bets as your last game played.

After having placed all your bets, you can click on the Spin button for the game to begin, and this will lead you to another screen where you will find the roulette wheel spinning. Once the ball lose motion and stops on a number, the game is evaluated and any winning generated is paid out. On the result screen, you may use other buttons such as Double Up & Spin or Repeat & Spin.

The interesting aspect of Roulette is that you have a large variety of betting options which are placed in 3 main categories known as Inside, Outside, and Racetrack Bets. Straight, Split, Street, Corner and 6 Line make up the Inside Bets, while Any Dozen, Any Column, Red or Black, 1 to 18 or 19 to 36, and Odd or Even are the Outside bets. Neighbours, Tiers, Voisins, and Orphelins are the Racetrack bets.

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 Roulette Games are only available to Gold Level + players.