WHEEL OF FORTUNE Winning Words tablecard

At UK’s top online bingo site- Bingo Extra, you can play a particular game which is a combination of words, winnings and a wheel. Designed by IGT, Wheel of Fortune Winning Words Instant Win Game is a very simple game to play. There are no paylines or reels on this game. The background of this game is painted in dark blue and show little glows which seem like stars. Plus, there is a colourful display of lights which looks like space travel. In the middle of the backdrop, you will see a colourful wheel, which is shown only half-way. While this game is played, you will hear a ‘reality show’-like generic which is played. At times, you can even hear people shouting the letters or clapping!

This game will remind you of the famous TV show: Letters and Words. Popular in Australia, this show was based on the French version of this game. This show was aired for years and ended in 2012.

To begin this game, you have to select your preferred stake on the Price Tab. The diverse bet amounts you can select from this tab are: £1.00, £2.00, £3.00, £5.00 or £10.00. After having placed your bet, there will be three words which will appear on the screen. As for the wheel, there will be 3 arrows of the colours of each word will be highlighted on it. You then have to click on the ‘Spin’ Tab. The wheel will start to spin and different amount prizes will be stopped on those arrows.

Afterwards, there will be 12 unrevealed cards which will be shown on the display. You have to click on each one, so that the letters they hide are revealed. Each time a letter corresponds to any of the letters used in the words present on the display, these will be highlighted. If all the revealed letters complete any of the 3 words, you win the corresponding prize amount.

After a word has been completed, you will also win a surprise multiplier. You will be taken to another display where you will six different multipliers. These multipliers will be added to the wheel before it is spun. You are then awarded the multiplier amount on which the wheel stops.

On this game, you have the ‘Auto- Reveal’ option. Instead of spinning the wheel and clicking on the letters one by one, you can have them all revealed at once.

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